Now Stocking Enforcer 10T, 12T, 14T & 18T Forklifts For Sale

Australia’s fastest growing forklift brand, Enforcer, has some very good news for its customers – Enforcer 10T, 12T, 14T and 18T forklifts will now be available for immediate purchase with ForkForce Australia now planning to permanently keep these big forklifts in stock.

Most forklift suppliers customarily only keep forklifts of smaller capacities in stock due to the infrequent demand for larger forklifts. It is common for forklift dealers to have extremely long lead times as most forklifts larger than 10T are only built to order. Production, shipping and delivery of these forklift units can take anywhere from five to ten months.

Noting the recent increase in the demand for larger capacity forklifts, ForkForce has made a bold move to physically stock Enforcer 10T, 12T, 14T and 18T diesel forklifts at its branches.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin points out that “half a year is too long a wait for customers needing these large-size forklifts working for their business today”. He believes this bold move by ForkForce to have larger-sized Enforcer forklifts readily available to customers in Australia gives them the edge over other forklift dealers.

The capital cost involved in purchasing large-size forklifts is quite considerable. With customers having a broader range of Enforcer forklifts to choose from, they are now able to pick the exact forklift size for their specific needs.

It’s due to moves like these that have helped Enforcer become Australia’s fastest growing forklift brand and live to its mission of offering value for money, fit for purpose forklifts. All brand new Enforcer forklifts come backed by a 5-year parts and labour warranty. A wide range of large capacity Enforcer forklifts are also available for hire through ForkForce’s forklift hire service on daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly arrangements.

New Two Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Forklift

Four wheel drive forklifts can be overkill in many cases, just like many large 4WD vehicles that people use as their everyday car. These 4WDs are useful for occasional trips to camp on the beach, but often they aren’t necessary unless you are a 4WD enthusiast who is using them to traverse rugged and rocky mountain paths or bush tracks.

It’s the same thing applies with 4WD forklifts – seldom are they utilised to manoeuvre steep inclines in mining and construction sites. So they rarely offer great value for money for the duties they are required to perform in given the much larger capital outlay for a 4wd forklift and much higher running costs relative to a two wheel drive rough terrain forklift.

A two wheel drive rough terrain forklift on the other hand, helps improve efficiency and performance of lift trucks in more rugged environments without the exorbitant costs associated with having four wheel drive capability. This is the main reason why Enforcer is expanding its forklift product range to include the new Enforcer two wheel drive diesel rough terrain forklift.

ForkForce Australia, which owns the Enforcer brand, firmly believes that rather than a 4wd forklift what most customers really need is just a machine that comes with good ground clearance and tractor-type tyres that can easily navigate through all the dirt, mud and debris typical of most construction and mining sites. The new Enforcer 2WD rough terrain forklift delivers all these at a far more affordable price than a traditional 4WD forklift.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin reports that the company has been receiving a lot of enquiries about two wheel drive forklifts, particularly those that come with fork rotators for tipping bins for picking up and clearing out debris around areas where the surface can get chocked up with rubble. In this case, the Enforcer 2WD diesel rough terrain forklift is the perfect answer.

The Enforcer 2WD forklift will be built and manufactured by Maximal, the 3rd largest exporter of Chinese forklifts. The first few units will are in Australia in May 2013 and will be exclusively distributed by ForkForce Australia. Call today for your free quote.

In addition to a full line of high-quality diesel, electric and LPG forklifts, the Enforcer product range also includes reach trucks, heavy duty forklifts, pallet trucks, tow tractors, walkie stackers, telehandlers and manual warehouse equipment.

ForkForce Adds New Enforcer 12 Ton+ Forklifts to its Hire Fleet

Australia’s largest fully independent forklift supplier announced recently that it is fast building a reputation as a forklift dealer that can supply large capacity forklifts for sale or hire with no waiting period. ForkForce Australia, owner of the Enforcer forklift brand, reports that it will make Enforcer heavy-duty forklifts with load capacities over 12 tons in stock for its customers.

Of late, ForkForce has made a bold move to keep these bigger forklifts in stock and ready for delivery following positive reviews of the quality and performance of these Chinese made heavy duty lift trucks. Only a couple of years ago, 7 ton forklifts were the largest forklifts in ForkForce’s hire fleet, but they have recently added a number of new Enforcer forklifts with up to 18 ton lift capacities.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin reveals that the demand for 10 ton forklifts and larger is increasing, citing that it had recently delivered a 14 tonner to a company in the mining sector and several 18 ton forklifts to development projects in other parts of Australia. “People are coming to us because we have them in stock, ready to deliver,” Martin says.

The ForkForce director also added that they will also be adding more brand new Enforcer forklifts to their hire fleet to replace aging forklifts and update the average age of their rental equipment.

With the addition of these brand new Enforcer forklifts for rent, Martin is confident that ForkForce customers will be happy to rent newer forklifts than they might expect from its competitors.

There are no strings or conditions attached to this move; it’s simply a decision to put Enforcer products in high places of visibility, the ForkForce director points out. “We’re a bit selective about the machines we put in our hire fleet,” Martin adds, citing that the best testing ground for equipment is in rental, and an endorsement from its hire customers will be one of the best things the company can look forward to.

On the business side, Martin reiterates that a reduction in the average age of their rental equipment will equate to a reduced number of breakdowns as well as reduced costs of running their rental fleet.

Enforcer is ForkForce’s own brand of new forklifts, walkie stackers and pallet trucks and has become Australia’s fastest growing forklift brand within months of its launch. Backed by ForkForce’s renowned sales, hire and service support, Enforcer products are the ideal choice for those looking to hire or invest in quality, best value forklifts.

Enforcer 2.5 & 3.5 Ton Rough Terrain Forklifts Added To Range

ForkForce, the distributor of the enforcer range of forklifts, has some good news for forklift users – more affordable rough terrain forklifts with 2.5T and 3.5T load capacities will soon be available in the Australian market.

Prices of European-made rough terrain forklifts currently in the market are quite prohibitive for most users. ForkForce director Adrian Martin revealed that there is an emerging market for lower-priced and more compact forklifts of this type. He added that there are some forklift customers who don’t necessarily require great lift heights but are only looking for a basic and rugged machine with sufficient ground clearance, large wheels and a dependable diesel engine.

So ForkForce is looking to plug this gap with the introduction of a range of rough terrain forklifts under the Enforcer brand.

ForkForce has partnered with Maximal to create the Enforcer 2.5T and 3.5T rough terrain forklifts for sale at less than AU$40,000 for brand new units, a price that is very competitive against current market brands and they are hoping to win a larger share of the market with this new product launch.

Enforcer compact rough terrain forklifts will also be added into ForkForce’s own rough terrain forklift hire fleet, following positive customer reviews on the performance of Enforcer forklifts in diverse work environments.

The Enforcer 2.5 ton and 3.5 ton compact rough terrain forklifts will be available for sale or hire by May 2013.

ForkForce Sells 350th Enforcer Forklift

Fork Force Australia announced recently that it had just sold its 350th Enforcer forklift which is a great success given that the brand was only launched two years ago. ForkForce director Adrian Martin confirms that the company is starting to win a larger share of the Australian forklift market, a good indication that Chinese forklifts are catching up with their Japanese counterparts in the material handling industry.

“The acceptance of China manufactured forklifts is quite promising,” Martin states. “There is an increasing trend among Australian firms to purchase lower-priced, brand new forklifts that are manufactured in China,” Claims Martin.

Based on observations made by ForkForce, what matters most to customers is that a forklift dealer is able to supply cost-effective forklift parts quickly and efficiently. ForkForce has proven that it can provide reliable product support and the company has, according to Martin, earned the reputation among forklift companies that they’re the best people to approach when sourcing parts for Chinese forklifts.

ForkForce has had Enforcer forklifts in its own hire fleet for over two years now, noting that the best testing ground for any product is putting it in your own rental fleet. The Chinese-manufactured lift trucks have performed quite well in various work environments ranging from construction sites, underground tunnels and office blocks around the metropolis.

At the rate Enforcer forklifts are selling, the ForkForce director says that its corporate mission to provide “value for money, fit for purpose” equipment to the Australian forklift market is indeed being fulfilled.

Enforcer is ForkForce’s own range of forklifts for sale and hire which includes 1-32 ton diesel forklifts, electric and LPG forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks, order pickers and tow tractors, among others.

Enforcer Adds 12 Ton and 13.5 Ton Forklifts to its Diesel Forklift Range

Enforcer is set to introduce two new heavy duty forklifts to its diesel forklift range. The addition of the 12T and 13.5T diesel forklifts is seen as rounding out the Enforcer range which currently offers 1-10 ton and 14-32 ton forklifts.

Managing director Steve Cunliffe of ForkForce Australia, which owns the Enforcer brand and is the distributor of Maximal forklifts in Australia said, “we are happy that Maximal has responded to our request to help fill that gap in the market”.

The 12 ton and 13.5 ton enforcer forklifts will be offered for sale with either a Cummins or Chinese Yuchai engine that meets Tier-III emission standards. Both machines are designed to deliver efficiency and power for the most demanding tasks while keeping operational costs low. This is in line with Enforcer’s continued commitment to provide best value forklifts for sale or hire to the Australian market.

“Nothing changes there. We offer value for money, fit for purpose forklifts. To be honest, the margins are not so good for us in bigger trucks,” Cunliffe claims. “We just need to fill the gap between the 10 and 14 ton range to better serve our customers.”

Enforcer’s existing product line includes diesel forklifts in the 1 – 10 ton range and heavy duty forklifts with 14 to 32 ton load capacities.

The 12T Enforcer will be developed as an extension of the current 8 to 10 ton Enforcer range with a 600mm load center, but with a larger engine and strengthen and lengthened chassis. So customers can anticipate a really robust and compact machine. Cunliffe further states, “the advantage of this forklift over the 13.5 tonner is that the 12 tonner won’t have to be shipped as ro-ro cargo. We only need a container to get it here which allows us to pass on these savings to customers.”

The 12 ton diesel forklift will be available beginning April 2013.

ForkForce Fills Market Gap With New 13.5 Tonne Enforcer Forklift

In a move to make larger-sized forklift equipment readily available to Australian customers, ForkForce Australia recently announced that it will be stocking their new 13.5 ton Enforcer forklift early in 2013.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin revealed that they have a couple of these new units on order which will arrive in January 2013. He mentioned that their move to physically stock these larger forklifts was due to the fact that most forklift companies only stock forklifts up to 10 tons and leave customer who desire larger capacity forklifts with a 4 to 6 month wait.

Martin claims that this is a big move for the Enforcer brand now being one of the only forklift brands to have these larger forklifts in stock and readily available to its customers.

“The capital cost involved for these larger sized forklifts is very large and production time can be up to half a year once ordered,” Martin reveals. “Our customers will no longer need to wait around this period because we will have these Enforcer forklifts landed here in Australia and ready to deliver” the ForkForce director adds.

According to Martin, there has been a growing demand for large-sized forklifts among Enforcer customers. With the release of the 13.5T Enforcer forklift which features a 900mm load center, ForkForce hopes to fill the gap between its current 10 ton forklifts and the Enforcer heavy-duty forklift range which starts at 14 ton.

As Australia’s fastest growing forklift brand, Enforcer forklifts for sale are among the best value lift trucks in the market these days. A 5-year parts and labour warranty accompanies each brand new forklift purchase and a wide range of Enforcer forklifts for hire is also available from ForkForce. So what are you waiting for, call us today for your free quote.