ForkForce Adds New Enforcer 12 Ton+ Forklifts to its Hire Fleet

Australia’s largest fully independent forklift supplier announced recently that it is fast building a reputation as a forklift dealer that can supply large capacity forklifts for sale or hire with no waiting period. ForkForce Australia, owner of the Enforcer forklift brand, reports that it will make Enforcer heavy-duty forklifts with load capacities over 12 tons in stock for its customers.

Of late, ForkForce has made a bold move to keep these bigger forklifts in stock and ready for delivery following positive reviews of the quality and performance of these Chinese made heavy duty lift trucks. Only a couple of years ago, 7 ton forklifts were the largest forklifts in ForkForce’s hire fleet, but they have recently added a number of new Enforcer forklifts with up to 18 ton lift capacities.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin reveals that the demand for 10 ton forklifts and larger is increasing, citing that it had recently delivered a 14 tonner to a company in the mining sector and several 18 ton forklifts to development projects in other parts of Australia. “People are coming to us because we have them in stock, ready to deliver,” Martin says.

The ForkForce director also added that they will also be adding more brand new Enforcer forklifts to their hire fleet to replace aging forklifts and update the average age of their rental equipment.

With the addition of these brand new Enforcer forklifts for rent, Martin is confident that ForkForce customers will be happy to rent newer forklifts than they might expect from its competitors.

There are no strings or conditions attached to this move; it’s simply a decision to put Enforcer products in high places of visibility, the ForkForce director points out. “We’re a bit selective about the machines we put in our hire fleet,” Martin adds, citing that the best testing ground for equipment is in rental, and an endorsement from its hire customers will be one of the best things the company can look forward to.

On the business side, Martin reiterates that a reduction in the average age of their rental equipment will equate to a reduced number of breakdowns as well as reduced costs of running their rental fleet.

Enforcer is ForkForce’s own brand of new forklifts, walkie stackers and pallet trucks and has become Australia’s fastest growing forklift brand within months of its launch. Backed by ForkForce’s renowned sales, hire and service support, Enforcer products are the ideal choice for those looking to hire or invest in quality, best value forklifts.

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