Aerial Order Pickers

Enforcer Aerial Order Pickers provide access up to 6.5 metres high, with platform floor heights reaching 4.5 metres. They are highly suitable for picking and stacking functions where safety is a principal consideration.

Designed for repeated applications throughout the day, Enforcer aerial order pickers are available in both fully-electric and semi-electric versions. They fit seamlessly through standard entrances and doorways and are indispensable for the easy retrieval or access of overhead fixtures or goods from elevated storage sections.

Our aerial order pickers are widely used in workshops, retail stores, supermarkets and warehouses.

To learn more about any of our ten order picker models, send us an email or contact Enforcer today at 1300 423 675. Free estimates are also available on request.

Electric Order Picker
  • Working Height: 5m, 5.5m, 6m & 6.5m
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • SWL: 300kg
Semi-Electric Order Picker
  • Working Height: 4.7m, 5.3m. 5.5m, 6m & 6.5m
  • Fuel Type: Battery on Lift Motor
  • SWL: 200kg
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