LPG Forklifts

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a non-toxic, clean burning fuel that is fast becoming a popular option for internal combustion lift trucks. Apart from their low emission profile, the capital cost to own LPG or propane forklifts is also considerably less.

Enforcer LPG forklifts come with load capacities ranging from 1 to 5 tons. They have been developed as a cost-effective solution for mid-level load management and are known to deliver unequaled reliability and performance.

For bigger cost savings and carbon reduction in your work environment, Enforcer LPG forklifts are certain to make long hours on the job more efficient and productive!

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1.8T-Gasoline-LPG-Forklift-4 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton & 1.8 Ton LPG Forklift

  • Lift Capacity: 1 ton, 1.5 ton & 1.8 ton
  • Fuel Type: LPG (Propane)
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
2.5T-Gasoline-LPG-Forklift 2 Ton & 2.5 Ton LPG Forklift

  • Lift Capacity: 2 ton & 2.5 ton
  • Fuel Type: LPG (Propane)
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
3.5T-Gasoline-LPG-Forklift-2 3 Ton & 3.5 Ton LPG Forklift

  • Lift Capacity: 3 ton & 3.5 ton
  • Fuel Type: LPG (Propane)
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m
4 Ton, 4.5 Ton & 5 Ton LPG Forklift

  • Lift Capacity: 4 ton, 4.5 ton & 5 ton
  • Fuel Type: LPG (Propane)
  • Lift Height: 3m to 6m

Enforcer LPG (Propane) Forklift Features

  • 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
  • High-performance Japanese-made engine uses less fuel per operating hour
  • Strategically positioned controls and travel levers for easy manoeuvrability
  • Externally adjustable load and thrust rollers for precise load handling
  • Premium hydraulic system with load-lowering safety valve
  • Convenient pedal layout provides excellent foot control
  • Easy-to-access operator compartment with protective overhead guard
  • Exceptional forward view of fork tips and load
  • First-class suspension safety seat for comfortable and easy operation
  • Fully-lit instrument panel and LCD monitor with built-in diagnostics
  • Powershift transmission and fully adjustable steering wheel
  • All aluminium radiator core for effective temperature management
  • Lift out floor plate offers quick access to drive train components
  • Very low initial purchase price and reduced maintenance costs
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