New Two Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Forklift

Four wheel drive forklifts can be overkill in many cases, just like many large 4WD vehicles that people use as their everyday car. These 4WDs are useful for occasional trips to camp on the beach, but often they aren’t necessary unless you are a 4WD enthusiast who is using them to traverse rugged and rocky mountain paths or bush tracks.

It’s the same thing applies with 4WD forklifts – seldom are they utilised to manoeuvre steep inclines in mining and construction sites. So they rarely offer great value for money for the duties they are required to perform in given the much larger capital outlay for a 4wd forklift and much higher running costs relative to a two wheel drive rough terrain forklift.

A two wheel drive rough terrain forklift on the other hand, helps improve efficiency and performance of lift trucks in more rugged environments without the exorbitant costs associated with having four wheel drive capability. This is the main reason why Enforcer is expanding its forklift product range to include the new Enforcer two wheel drive diesel rough terrain forklift.

ForkForce Australia, which owns the Enforcer brand, firmly believes that rather than a 4wd forklift what most customers really need is just a machine that comes with good ground clearance and tractor-type tyres that can easily navigate through all the dirt, mud and debris typical of most construction and mining sites. The new Enforcer 2WD rough terrain forklift delivers all these at a far more affordable price than a traditional 4WD forklift.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin reports that the company has been receiving a lot of enquiries about two wheel drive forklifts, particularly those that come with fork rotators for tipping bins for picking up and clearing out debris around areas where the surface can get chocked up with rubble. In this case, the Enforcer 2WD diesel rough terrain forklift is the perfect answer.

The Enforcer 2WD forklift will be built and manufactured by Maximal, the 3rd largest exporter of Chinese forklifts. The first few units will are in Australia in May 2013 and will be exclusively distributed by ForkForce Australia. Call today for your free quote.

In addition to a full line of high-quality diesel, electric and LPG forklifts, the Enforcer product range also includes reach trucks, heavy duty forklifts, pallet trucks, tow tractors, walkie stackers, telehandlers and manual warehouse equipment.

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