Now Stocking Enforcer 10T, 12T, 14T & 18T Forklifts For Sale

Australia’s fastest growing forklift brand, Enforcer, has some very good news for its customers – Enforcer 10T, 12T, 14T and 18T forklifts will now be available for immediate purchase with ForkForce Australia now planning to permanently keep these big forklifts in stock.

Most forklift suppliers customarily only keep forklifts of smaller capacities in stock due to the infrequent demand for larger forklifts. It is common for forklift dealers to have extremely long lead times as most forklifts larger than 10T are only built to order. Production, shipping and delivery of these forklift units can take anywhere from five to ten months.

Noting the recent increase in the demand for larger capacity forklifts, ForkForce has made a bold move to physically stock Enforcer 10T, 12T, 14T and 18T diesel forklifts at its branches.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin points out that “half a year is too long a wait for customers needing these large-size forklifts working for their business today”. He believes this bold move by ForkForce to have larger-sized Enforcer forklifts readily available to customers in Australia gives them the edge over other forklift dealers.

The capital cost involved in purchasing large-size forklifts is quite considerable. With customers having a broader range of Enforcer forklifts to choose from, they are now able to pick the exact forklift size for their specific needs.

It’s due to moves like these that have helped Enforcer become Australia’s fastest growing forklift brand and live to its mission of offering value for money, fit for purpose forklifts. All brand new Enforcer forklifts come backed by a 5-year parts and labour warranty. A wide range of large capacity Enforcer forklifts are also available for hire through ForkForce’s forklift hire service on daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly arrangements.

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