ForkForce Sells 350th Enforcer Forklift

Fork Force Australia announced recently that it had just sold its 350th Enforcer forklift which is a great success given that the brand was only launched two years ago. ForkForce director Adrian Martin confirms that the company is starting to win a larger share of the Australian forklift market, a good indication that Chinese forklifts are catching up with their Japanese counterparts in the material handling industry.

“The acceptance of China manufactured forklifts is quite promising,” Martin states. “There is an increasing trend among Australian firms to purchase lower-priced, brand new forklifts that are manufactured in China,” Claims Martin.

Based on observations made by ForkForce, what matters most to customers is that a forklift dealer is able to supply cost-effective forklift parts quickly and efficiently. ForkForce has proven that it can provide reliable product support and the company has, according to Martin, earned the reputation among forklift companies that they’re the best people to approach when sourcing parts for Chinese forklifts.

ForkForce has had Enforcer forklifts in its own hire fleet for over two years now, noting that the best testing ground for any product is putting it in your own rental fleet. The Chinese-manufactured lift trucks have performed quite well in various work environments ranging from construction sites, underground tunnels and office blocks around the metropolis.

At the rate Enforcer forklifts are selling, the ForkForce director says that its corporate mission to provide “value for money, fit for purpose” equipment to the Australian forklift market is indeed being fulfilled.

Enforcer is ForkForce’s own range of forklifts for sale and hire which includes 1-32 ton diesel forklifts, electric and LPG forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks, order pickers and tow tractors, among others.

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