Enforcer Adds 12 Ton and 13.5 Ton Forklifts to its Diesel Forklift Range

Enforcer is set to introduce two new heavy duty forklifts to its diesel forklift range. The addition of the 12T and 13.5T diesel forklifts is seen as rounding out the Enforcer range which currently offers 1-10 ton and 14-32 ton forklifts.

Managing director Steve Cunliffe of ForkForce Australia, which owns the Enforcer brand and is the distributor of Maximal forklifts in Australia said, “we are happy that Maximal has responded to our request to help fill that gap in the market”.

The 12 ton and 13.5 ton enforcer forklifts will be offered for sale with either a Cummins or Chinese Yuchai engine that meets Tier-III emission standards. Both machines are designed to deliver efficiency and power for the most demanding tasks while keeping operational costs low. This is in line with Enforcer’s continued commitment to provide best value forklifts for sale or hire to the Australian market.

“Nothing changes there. We offer value for money, fit for purpose forklifts. To be honest, the margins are not so good for us in bigger trucks,” Cunliffe claims. “We just need to fill the gap between the 10 and 14 ton range to better serve our customers.”

Enforcer’s existing product line includes diesel forklifts in the 1 – 10 ton range and heavy duty forklifts with 14 to 32 ton load capacities.

The 12T Enforcer will be developed as an extension of the current 8 to 10 ton Enforcer range with a 600mm load center, but with a larger engine and strengthen and lengthened chassis. So customers can anticipate a really robust and compact machine. Cunliffe further states, “the advantage of this forklift over the 13.5 tonner is that the 12 tonner won’t have to be shipped as ro-ro cargo. We only need a container to get it here which allows us to pass on these savings to customers.”

The 12 ton diesel forklift will be available beginning April 2013.

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