1.25T & 1.5T Front & Lateral Stacker (Electric Turret Truck)

Lift Capacity: 1.25 ton & 1.5 ton
Fuel Type: Battery (80V)
Lift Height: 4.69m to 11.16m
Mast: Wide View 2 Stage Mast & Full Free 3 Stage Mast
1300 109 845

The structural adaptability of Enforcer Lateral and Front Stacking Trucks makes them an ideal option for precise load management even in the narrowest spaces.

Built with exceptional strength and rigidity, Enforcer stacking trucks give your operators utmost safety and control and are available with either forward or side stance configurations.

Optimal operator positioning is further enhanced with versatile features designed to enable high speed reach and retract functions. Easy-to-access ergonomic controls combined with premium hydraulics and precise steering capabilities ensure further that your goods are transported and stacked efficiently in the fastest possible time.

Cube utilisation in a variety of applications is maximized with high-performance Enforcer stacking tracks, so give us a call at 1300 109 845 or send us an email to get one working for your business.

Enforcer Lateral & Front Stacking Truck Features

  • 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
  • High performance, low-maintenance AC drive motor
  • Spacious operator cab with low step height for easy access
  • Lowered centre of gravity provides better stability
  • Large inner & outer rail rollers for added capacity
  • High-visibility construction augments view of fork tips and load
  • Premium suspension seat keeps operator comfortable even in extended shifts
  • Forward right-hand hydraulic control levers permit one hand multi-functions
  • AC controller regulates travel and lift functions to suit various applications
  • Regenerative braking element for more effective control and reduced brake wear
  • Premium hydraulic lift system comes with a safety load-lowering valve
  • Integrated diagnostics alert operator to reduce service and maintenance downtimes
  • Easy to access emergency power disconnect switch
  • Less noise and no emissions

1.25 & 1.5 Ton Lateral & Front Stacking Truck Specifications

Enforcer 1.25T and 1.5T front and lateral stacking trucks are highly efficient for pallet storage systems designed to maximize storage per sq ft. of premium warehouse space. Secure a copy of the detailed reach truck specifications by giving us a call or sending us an email today.

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