Hand Hydraulic Table Trucks

Load Capacity: 300kg, 500 kg & 750kg
Fuel Type: Manual
Maximum Table Height: 900mm to 1m
Operating Type: Pedestrian
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Enforcer Hand Hydraulic Table Trucks (often referred to as manual  lift tables) come in a variety of configurations to suit applications that involve lifting and positioning of lighter loads. They are among the most valuable material handling equipment used as an assembly line feeding table in factories, workshops and warehouses.

Our convenient scissor lift tables are light, sturdy and easy to use. They weigh anywhere from just 65kg to 107 kg but can take loads of up to three-quarters of a ton.

Operation is quite easy and effortless with their foot-operated hydraulic lift system that quickly raises the table top to your desired level. A hand-controlled release functions takes care of smooth and seamless table descents.

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Enforcer Hand Hydraulic Table Truck Features

  • Load capacity of up to 750kg
  • 1-meter maximum table lifting height
  • Heavy duty steel construction with extra large plates
  • Easy action foot-operated hydraulic lift raises table top to a desired level
  • Hand-controlled release for table descent
  • Fixed front and rear swivel wheels
  • Caster locks for added operational safety
  • Fold-down handle for easy storage
  • CE and ISO9001:2008 certified
  • 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

300, 500 & 750 Kilogram Hand Hydraulic Table Truck Specifications

If you are looking for a sturdy, versatile and easy to operate light duty lift table, Enforcer hand hydraulic table trucks are available in three models. Call or email us today so we can send you the Enforcer 300kg, 500kg and 750kg hand hydraulic table truck specs.

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