Counterbalance Electric Stacker

Lift Capacity: 1 ton
Fuel Type: Electric (24V Battery)
Lift Height: 1.6m to 3.3m
Operating Type: Pedestrian / Standing
Call: 1300 109 845

The Enforcer Counterbalance Electric Stacker  is an ideal combination of a stacker and forklift – it is best suited for load handling tasks where straddle or outrigger legs won’t work.

Storage racks and sections with bottom bars could limit forward reach and counterbalance electric stackers are designed to tackle this limitation.

Counterbalanced stackers are perfect for loading and unloading trucks or positioning materials and goods where racks or machinery could have some sort of bottom interference. The absence of protruding outriggers enables the stacker to approach work sections without any obstruction.

The Enforcer counterbalance electric stacker is your versatile and cost-wise alternative to a sit-down forklift, providing you with efficient work cycles at the operational cost of a walkie!

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Enforcer Counterbalance Stacker Features

  • Foldable platform for optimal work positioning in constricted areas
  • Absence of outrigger legs allows better forward reach
  • Highly efficient AC drive and lift motors
  • MOSFET drive control technology
  • CURTIS electronic controller
  • Italian HYDRAPP hydraulic pump
  • Germany FREI handle for accurate handling
  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects against overloading
  • Long life electromagnetic braking system
  • Easy to access emergency power shut-off switch
  • Emergency reverse function enhances operator safety
  • Regenerative braking function captures energy and extends battery life
  • Slide-out battery compartment for easy access
  • Built-in onboard charger included
  • CE and ISO9001:2008 certified
  • 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Counterbalance Electric Stacker Specifications

For enhanced productivity and efficiency that translate to faster work cycles, contact us today by phone or email so we can forward you the Enforcer 1T counterbalance electric stacker specs.

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