3 Ton & 5 Ton Tow Tractor

Pull Capacity: 3 ton and 5 ton
Lift Capacity: 1 ton & 1.5 ton
Fuel Type: Electric (24V Battery)
Operating Type: Pedestrian
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The Enforcer XT30 and XT50 are pedestrian tow tractors highly recommended for areas where space limitations are a prevalent issue. These 3-ton and 5-ton AC-powered tow tractors are also appropriate for multiple load and cargo transfers over medium stretches.

Energy efficient AC technology combined with regenerative braking function deliverss higher battery performance for longer work cycles.  The easy-to-access hitch post ensures fast and easy connecting or disconnecting of trailers or other machinery and gadgets for seamless horizontal transfers from one location to another.

The close proximity of operator to load allows exceptional visibility and Enforcer tow tractors guarantee reduced operating costs and increased efficiency in your daily work routines.

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Enforcer Tow Tractor Features

  • High performance AC drive motor
  • Italian HYDRAPP hydraulic pump
  • MOSFET drive control technology
  • CURTIS electronic controller
  • Germany FREI handle for seamless handling
  • Robust steel structure with high operator visibility
  • Quick response brake system whether handle is in upright or horizontal position
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars with thumb controls for easy manoeuvring
  • Emergency reverse function for optimum operator safety
  • Easy to access emergency power disconnect switch
  • Impressive top speed even when loaded
  • Built-in onboard charger included
  • CE and ISO9001:2008 certified
  • 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

3 & 5 Ton Electric Tow Tractor Specifications

To get added flexibility and improved efficiency on your horizontal load transfers, contact Enforcer today by phone or email so we can send you the Enforcer 3T or 5T electric tow tractor specs.

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